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Welcome to the website of TB Feeds. We are a fantastic new bait company offering a comprehensive range of mail order Carp Baits & Bird Feed with a fresh concept of how to provide excellent customer service and a quality of product that is beyond reproach. We offer a full range of carp baits such as boilies, pellets, particles, liquid additives, ground baits and bait making ingredients . Our boilie range is limited to just 3 brands Mainline Baits, Nash Baits and our own exclusive TB Feeds Range. Our birdfeed section offers the most popular selling seeds such as peanuts, wild bird mix, black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, niger seedsand and fat balls

The reason we have decided to concentrate our boilie business on just 2 main bait manufacturers is that both Mainline and Nash are synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible and their baits have caught fish from all over the world for nigh on 20 years. Whilst offering all the mainstream baits from these 2 companies we can customise baits and still make some of the old time favourites, the original Grange from Mainline for example, Monster Pursuit from Nash and the list could go on to include many more.

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